Monday, March 16, 2009

Well, the Hornets are about to lose.

And what I said below hasn't changed, I still can't give up on this season. That doesn't make this loss any less painful though. This team is NOT as good as last year's team and this team is certainly NOT a top-tier team. Chris Paul is great, but this team is not. I know, Peja was still out... and that is a huge part of what the Hornets do, but the Hornets had plenty of chances to win this one.

I'm sick of the regular season. Bring on the playoffs and let's see what happens.


  1. Well, a major problem is no Peja. I would really like a bench of Posey, Mo, and Ju-Ju. As it is, we really can't build leads at all with our bench. Hate to say it, but Bonzi and Pargo are missed.

  2. Yeah you are right about Pargo and Bonzi... that bench may not have been able to score particularly well but at least they could defend.